A Grand Day Out: Musical Film Release!

Voices Across Time latest project, "A Grand Day Out" - the interactive musical film - is out now! The film is the culmination of a 6 week interactive music and reminiscence program ran throughout Care Homes in North Oxfordshire throughout summer 2022.

Voices Across Time’s latest project: “A Grand Day Out”, a sing-a-long musical film is out now!

Last summer 2022, Voices Across Time - the interactive music theatre company based in North Oxfordshire - spent 6 weeks in Care Homes in North Oxfordshire running an interactive music and reminiscence program. Inspired by the songs, stories and people they met during these workshops, the team at Voices Across Time drew all these elements together to create the musical film released today, “A Grand Day Out”.

“A Grand Day Out” takes participants on a musical journey around the UK, starting in Banbury, travelling to London before reaching the seaside with each location explored through a selection of popular songs, traditional tunes, and personal stories.

The aim of "A Grand Day Out" is to help people reconnect with the world around them by using music to trigger memories and stimulate conversation. The show is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all, with a special focus on those living with certain cognitive conditions such as those that affect memory.

The benefits that music making on wellbeing especially in a community setting for an ageing population, has been well documented. Engaging in music making can improve mood, cognitive function, and physical health, while also providing opportunities for creative expression and significantly, social connection. Playing music with others can foster a sense of community and shared purpose, which can be especially important for those who may be experiencing feelings of loneliness or isolation. In addition, music has been shown to have a powerful connection to memory, which can be especially beneficial for older adults living with memory affected conditions to provide a greater sense of self and to be ‘in the moment’.

Throughout "A Grand Day Out", the Voices Across Time practitioners use music as a tool to spark memories, and to create a relaxed and friendly environment that fosters social interaction and communication. The feedback from participants and carers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many reporting improved mood, increased social interaction, and enhanced cognitive function as a result of taking part in the program. "A Grand Day Out" is an example of how music can be used to enrich the lives of people living with dementia, and to create meaningful connections between individuals, communities, and the wider world.

Listen to this interview with the creators Joseph Cummings and Matthews Evans as they speak to Voices Across Time co-founder Harriet Wells about all the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating A Grand Day Out:

Voices Across Time were recipients of the Queens Voluntary Service Award 2021 in recognition of their work in the community. They will continue running their interactive music and reminiscence programs throughout care homes in Oxfordshire - please get in touch with team@voicesacrosstime.com if you are interested in having them run a project with you.

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