Support Us

Over the years, Voices Across Time has been able to continue creating and growing due to the incredible generosity and kindness shown by a loyal audience base and many amazing supporters. This support is vital as it’s what enables us to keep developing and pushing ourselves in everything we do. If you would like to help support us, we have we have come up with a few easy ways that you can and also become part of the journey with us! Thank you for all the support so far.


The FRIENDS scheme is the best way to support Voices Across Time and come along on the ride with us! For an annual sum, you can become either a Basic or Premium friend and this entitles you to a huge host of benefits including early bird ticket sales, behind-the-scene access and discount off our merchandise. Have a look below at the scheme which best suits you….

Basic Friends Membership

  • Exclusive FRIENDS news and offers
  • Advance Ticket Warning for all productions and events
  • Access to Bonus show material and behind the scenes previews
Cost: £30

Premium Friends Membership

  • Named as a sponsor for specific VaT community events
  • Named as a supporter in all VaT event programmes
  • All the benefits of the Basic friend
Cost: £100

Already a friend? Click to login and manage your subscription.


If you would like to give a one off donation towards Voices Across Time then you can do so by clicking on the ‘Donate Now!’ button below and selecting the amount you would like to donate.

Gifts In Kind

Voices Across Time are also very keen to hear about (and accept!) any non-monetary gifts that you might be able to offer. Things such as props, costumes, rehearsal space, music, books we have even had archival journals and diaries come our way which are so gratefully received! Please contact to discuss such gifts.