A Clockwinder's Tale

Commissioned by Friends of St Mary’s Adderbury (FOSMA), A Clockwinder’s Tale will be Voices Across Time’s second original work for FOSMA following on from their sell-out 2017 show, ‘Christmas Across Time’, which has since gone on to be released as an extended radio series by Ninth Wave Audio Productions.

Paying homage to such a significant building, A Clockwinder’s Tale has been inspired by Adderbury church’s gargoyles, history and especially its Carillon: a life-size music box that plays a different tune each day of the week, each representing various aspects of village life.

A Clockwinder’s Tale sees the sleepy village of Adderbury punctuated by the sudden arrival of a city journalist hell-bent on unearthing the 200 year mystery of ‘The Vanishing Woman’. However, the announcement of their shock nomination in the ‘Village of the Year’ award overshadows her efforts and she is ignored by all, except for two inquisitive village children. With the help of these children, the story of Adderbury’s Clockwinder slowly unravels where lost secrets, uncomfortable truths and forbidden loves start to be exposed. Yet, underneath these seeming deceits lies something more magical that has united the community of Adderbury for the past two hundred years and is still heard today…

A Clockwinder's Tale
An absolute triumph...what a show
- Val Scarff