Old Boundary Lane

It is the summer of 1913 and the streets of London are lined with women, standing shoulder to shoulder in support of their fellow sister, Emily Davison, whose funeral march is weaving its way through the London streets.

Deep in the East End, the cast of Old Boundary Lane Music Hall are desperately trying to keep their doors open as their audiences are rapidly depleting in favour of the grander Variety Theatre. When the director of Old Boundary Lane suddenly dies, the hall passes to his widow Penny Moore who wants to achieve her dreams of creating the best music hall in all of London! But in a world where everyday they are reminded that women are far inferior to men, will a show directed by a women even stand a chance? More than ever before, now is the time to stand alongside her sisters and Rise Up.

Voices Across Time marry music, history and theatre in their trademark style to bring an original audience participatory show to the stage. Set in a time of huge political and cultural change, Old Boundary Lane fused history and artistry to entertain and educate the audience in a way that was both uplifting yet heart breaking.

Voices Across Time were proud to have supported Katharine House Hospice and Barnados.

Old Boundary Lane
Exceptional performance... the music of my childhood brought to life in a way I could never have imagined!
- Martin Taylor, The Sealed Knot