Till the Boys Come Home

‘Till the Boys Come Home’, follows young adventurer Timmy Price, whose thirst for adventure lead him to a Recruitment Station on his 15th birthday. Even though he is too young to enlist, he successfully fools the recruitment officer and heads off on his ‘adventure’. We follow Timmy’s journey as he discovers the reality of this so-called ‘adventure’ and the stories of his regiment and family back home. While they dutifully do their part for King and Country, music and memories become a way to maintain camaraderie and bravery whilst they all await the moment when the boys come home.

Great War classics such as ‘Keep the Home Fires burning’, ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire’ helped tell the story of Till The Boys Come Home as Voices Across Time commemorated 100 years on with this show written in memory of those who had fallen.

It was an honour for VaT to mark such a poignant moment in British History and to raise money for The Royal British Legion and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Till the Boys Come Home
Spectacular, heart-breaking and true
- Ex-soldier, Audience Member